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“I was the coolest, dopest rapper, because I was a female,” she said.

But high school hype comes with an expiration date. A couple years after graduation, Roy was bumming around her hometown while her friends went to college. When she decided to enlist in the Army, her mother convinced her to decamp to Houston instead. Staying with an uncle in the big city, the world opened up. She enrolled in photography classes at the Art Institute but soon realized that music was her real passion. Personalized Jack Skellington and Sally you and me we got this fleece blanket

“So when I heard that Austin was the Live Music Capital of the World, I instantly thought my dreams (were) there. So that’s why I moved to Austin to do music,” she said.

The capital city wasn’t exactly the music mecca Roy was expecting to find, and at first she struggled to find her place.

“Austin is very whitewashed,” she said.

She also grappled with crippling stage fright. For two years, she haunted the edge of open mic nights but never stepped up to take a turn.

“I would get nauseated thinking about even going on stage,” she said.

Then one day, an acquaintance offered her a slot on a group show. She said yes before she had a chance to second-guess herself.

“I was just thrown into it,” she said. “It was just like, ‘Damn, right here, I have to step up.’”

She was ready. That gig led to another gig, and by her third go-round, she was opening for Naughty by Nature at Empire Garage.

Roy believes her rapid rise was due to her strength as an entertainer. “It’s more than music,” she said. “People love me. So then they love my music, not the other way around.”

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