Dog pug nice butt poster6


Houses with gardens and trees are the best place for Pug to live. In addition, because this breed is not too large in body, it is well adapted to keep in apartments or apartments. You just need to let them out once a day. Apartment area should be 70-100m2 wide is the most suitable.

Dog pug nice butt poster6
Dog pug nice butt poster6

What should Pug eat? is the question that many people are interested in. As mentioned above, Pug can eat anything you give them from meat, vegetables, … to cakes, candies, chocolates, … However, to ensure the health of this breed, you need to know what. they should be fed and what not to be fed.

The food should be fed to the Pug
Meat: Meat is of course an important food, indispensable in every Pug’s daily meal. Meat contains a lot of protein which is good for their growth. The meat here may include: beef, chicken, pork, … In which, beef is the best because it contains more protein, but less fat.

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