HOT Peanuts and co bath soap wash your paws poster


Sparky is also a failure, he did not pass any subject in grade 8, scored 0 in Physics; Even the art, the subject that he loves and the best, has been criticized and encountered many disastrous results in the past.At the end of high school, Sparky sent her cartoon pictures to the school yearbook and was rejected. After graduating from high school, he continued to pursue his passion for painting. Sparky sent his drawing samples to the Walt Disney studio and was rejected even though he tried, very carefully preparing for those works. Everything like proving Charles Schulz is forever a loser.Charles Schulz is a loser but also a man with a strong will, never giving up before any difficulties and harsh challenges of life. It was the effort that helped Charles Schulz change his own destiny.


HOT Peanuts and co bath soap wash your paws poster

Charles Schulz told the story of the author’s life through the comic with the protagonist Charlie Brown. He used his own childhood image as a prototype to create Charlie Brown, the lovable loser, who didn’t know how to fly a kite or control a ball, had no close friends except the loyal Snoopy dog.The original series called Folks Li’l was published in St. Paul Pioneer Press. In February 150, Folks Li’l was transformed into Peanuts and serialized in United Feature Syndicate magazine. In a 1987 interview, Charles Schulz revealed his dislike and satisfaction with the title Peanuts, which he thought was a meaningless and worthless name. However, Peanuts created new miracles, bringing Charles Schulz success beyond imagination.


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