More jobs are being created, so the pie is just going to get bigger and bigger. My pay will increase as the pie increases. (Friedman 268). Outsourcing is something that has taken place for hundreds of years and has always been a good thing. 150 years ago 90% of Americans were farmers. These people mainly farmed for their own families which provided them with most of their needs. Because of this, people didn’t own much. Most of their life consisted of working, all the time. Now onl “But Friedman’s image of a flat earth is profoundly misleading – a view of the world from a seat in business class. Los Angeles Dodgers filter activated carbon Flatness is another way of describing the transnational search by companies for cheap labor, an image that misses the pervasiveness of global inequality and the fact that much of the developing world remains mired in poverty and misery. It also misses the importance of the global geopolitical hierarchy, which guarantees the provision of stability, property rights, and other international public goods.

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The rise of China and India is less about flatness than it is about dramatic upheavals in the mountains and valleys of the global geopolitical map” Question: Los Angeles Dodgers filter activated carbon Do you agree or disagree with this view by a critic, and  Nonetheless, the investments in technology education has completely turned their country’s large population into an advantage. In my opinion, the uneducated workforce were now able to become computer literate and find a job. Thus, allowing them to become experts in the technology field. Next, the fiber optic cables transformed the country’s internet foundation. Accordingly, the fiber optic boom in India created a very attractive investment opportunity for technology and manufacturing businesses for this new untapped market. Now, the workforce could connect to the internet easily, faster and more efficiently. I honestly believe the other nation can learn the benefits of investing in technology. Additionally, technology has the ability to reconstruct a society’s economy and revive a workforce. However, I see two great vulnerabilities to India’s great success which includes a large number of people and a workforce that is specialized. It’s very difficult for India to have stability because of its large number of citizens and limited resources.

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Thus, India has become specialized in technology. Los Angeles Dodgers filter activated carbon However, bust are bound to happen and could potentially have a large impact on the economy. In what ways has the Triple Convergence affected your day-today life? Answer: The triple convergence describes the means of how the world became flat and how In view of Thomas Friedman’s work “It’s a flat world, after all”, the entire planet is turning into a global village due to a rapid growth of information technology. There are 10 major contributors, which were also named “flateners” by Friedman, that made the playing field level. Undoubtedly, current sophistication in technology has provided us great access to internet, a virtual platform where people are capable of communicating, sharing knowledge, or performing online activities. Globalization appears to have collapsed the concerns of space and time by outsourcing cheap labor from another continent to undertake the same task but with equal or better performance.

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