Horror Halloween Trump virus shirt


To bad he constantly undermines the scientists resulting in low confidence of the general public for the vaccines! Horror Halloween Trump virus You turned away outside research that may have contributed to a faster and better outcome. This choice costs more American lives, all in the name of Trump. And nationalism Rapid point of care tests this late in the game is weak. We are still a ways from vaccines. Theres no way I’m getting that vaccine I am more afraid of that than anything else in the entire universe

Horror Halloween Trump virus shirt

Horror Halloween Trump virus hoodie

Trump lied and failed the US utterly. We need a real president to meet this crisis. Horror Halloween Trump virus 300 million in debt!! Who does he owe this money to? Almost everyone of the 200k plus had underlying conditions and hospitals get bonus for one that do have COVID so 90% of 200k had serious conditions real numbers 14k plus or minus so spread you crazy somewhere else All of this good news from the greatest administration ever. Nothing but good news for ALL Americans .but the haters are still going to trash talk. God Bless our great country and God Bless this administration!

Horror Halloween Trump virus shirt

Horror Halloween Trump virus long-sleeved

Screwed the porch by ignoring science and this cost over 200,999 their lives and crashed the economy.
That’s what owed additional to the 1.5 million he already was withhold that he paid in.
The didnt challenge them. He told them go do it with no concern for rule, regulations or safe guards.
Draft dodging tax evader!
Con artist. Walmart employees pay more in taxes.
Really? The guy pays no income tax. Is that ok with you? They don’t need protection. We hard-working Americans need protection from this despot/cheater/draft-dodging tax evader.

Horror Halloween Trump virus tank top

Anyone is brilliant compared to to him.
Anthony Scaramucci.
Trump does his hair by himself. He does that weird comb over from the back and over the side. Yeah he does it himself because he doesnt want pictures of him. He basically looks like Darth Vader when they pull off the helmet.”
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Omg. Are you insane. She has very little experience. She has NO business being on the Supreme Court.
She’s going to do great! Congratulations!

Trump wants research companies to develop a vaccine as quickly as possible after he did nothing for a month which allowed the virus to get our of control in America before serious actions were taken.
How on earth do you support someone who cheats on his wife, dodged the draft, and doesnt even pay taxes. Is the goal to become this POS?
False positives? Made in China? Then Inslee in WA will never allow his China tests to be replaced! He’s a demon!

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