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There are people unfortunately out there that have NO heart and NO scruples and under these circumstances should NEVER ever be allowed to own another pet. I would love to see these two legged creatures “ branded”. So terrible to do this to an animal .Take him to a shelter don’t abandon him like garbage. I hope that person is caught and prosecuted.

  • There is no reason to abandon any animal like this. There are several groups who will take them in, all you have to do is a little research to find one. Some of them will even come and get it from you. This is just cruel and I hope they find who did it and punish them. Looks like he was well taken care of until they dumped him they left him on the side of the road hoping someone would rescue him.
  • There are plenty of places you can take a pet if you don’t want it any more!! Don’t just abandon it. What kind of person would do that! I agree they should be punished! I’d take him if my dog was animal friendly. I know someone who would have taken this baby in a heartbeat ! She raises German Shepherds, used to have a black one a few years ago. There are always options!
  • This makes me mad, they only give unconditional love. Then stupid people who can’t be bothered, just chuck them out like dust bins. What the hell is wrong with people they don’t want the dog anymore take him to a shelter such idiots.

Since he was well taken care of this dog may have fallen out of the back of something since this man saw a collar on him with his name on it. I would love to spoil and give this animal the best love.Is this precious Animals still valuable and how do I get to where I can get him or her.

they dont understand why they were left all alone. they would wait for the rest of their lives for their human mom and dad to come back. and they would greet them with tail wagging. more than they deserve.

A wise woman once said Fuck it I’m getting a German Shepherd mug

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