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I immagine its difficult all the time as people die all the time not just from covid 19,as a nurse i see it all the time especially as i work with the elderly and end of life patients,but like mine its our job.at least funeral workers will never be out of a job or in furlough! So many restraunts,bar,other companies closing down because of covid 19.

  • in lockdown even i had to stay at home for two weeks as our operating theatre and surgical ward closed so we,were too many staff for one ward.then people who needed operations or other treatment had it put on hold and probably many died from a result of that not just covid.
  • You look about 6 months prego …I think it’s gonna be a boy …whatever it’s gonna be beautiful and healthy and change your life ..sure miss the force team and especially you Courtney !!!! God bless you !!!
  • You look beautiful Courtney Force, you haven’t gained that much weight at all I think you are going to have a little girl & both of you look just so happy waiting for the baby to arrive. Both of you will make wonderful parents also of this new baby Good luck to you Courtney I wish you nothing but the best for you in your next 4 weeks of pregnancy. God Bless you always.

You think your fast going down the track? Thats nothing compared to how fast the first 18 years of your little ones will go! Love them, cherish and enjoy every blessed moment you have with them. God bless and congrats! I think it is a boy! Congrats to both of you. I can’t wait to see pics of your precious baby whatever you may have. I hope you have an easy delivery and the baby is healthy. You look so beautiful as always Courtney.

Congratulations for waiting to find out what you’re having! The last few weeks is definitely when you see the baby grow! Excited for all of you! Healthy baby on the way! Courtney stay healthy. You look amazing. Either way boy or girl glad you waited to find out. Either way they have great parents and born into racing family. God bless you and your family. Girl, I’m glad you are waiting to find out until she or he is here. I just think it’s more exciting that way. Either way, praying it’s a happy healthy baby. You look great & so happy. Get some rest now while you can.

Deck the halls with skull and bodies Falalalala Valhalla Christmas shirt,tank top, hoodie

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