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You have a serial sexual predator as President and say nothing, but you mock Biden for being friendly. What kind of nut are you? Considering the fact that the monument should have NEVER happened in the first place….. that land does NOT belong to us and the monument needs to be removed. Of course Trump would want to put himself on there. He loves stealing things that don’t belong to him.

  • Can’t Waite to see y’all mad when he wins again even though y’all are trying hard to steal an election. how can you even use trumps name in the same sentence as Reagan and JFK. Obama/Biden handed over a country in the best shape it has been in years and trump/pence have turned it into a war zone.
  • Since you want to clear America, Maybe we can start with trump and his cults. I think russia will be a good start, or N. Korea. Maybe JFK but the other chumps you mentioned don’t deserve honors for sending us into a recession. Please, do tell why they deserve to be immortalized in stone?
  • That is not true. Texas and Florida that is support to be RED STATES, The Democrats numbers are equal. The same with S.Carolina. These States always ran high with Republicans number. NOT NOW, do your research. Heard of the ObamaGate and the current Treason case going on? Biden is also involved with the Michael Flynn case due to him mentioning the Logan Act. Pay attention the the latest on this huge Treason case…

Nothing to pay attention to. If they had something we would have known, and arrests would have been made. Any Treason would be trump selling America to Russia!Hillary was so far ahead in the polls, they said Trump couldn’t win in 2016. I hope you have a box of kleenex ready when he wins again.

Who in their right mind would want to honor Trump? Je has done nothing but lie for the last 4 years. He is always claiming the works of others. He has NO respect for strong independent women or anyone else for that matter that does not kiss his azz. Furthermore, why don’t you and Trump get on a plane and go live in Russia?

Obama & Carter were the worse Presidents in history. Obama funded IRAN/ISIS. Look into ObamaGate on the Michael Flynn case. Huge Treason. Truth always comes through the wash. If you read the threading… I mentioned that they should honor Trump along with Reagan & JFK in another way and not on Mt. Rushmore.


Grinch Happy Hallothanksmas face mask

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