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I have a horse who has some fright problems. He will see something and freeze or get really stiff. I learned from you to distract an animal from fixating on something. So I turn him back and forth in a zigzag pattern and break his fixation on the object. This works wonders. Even if he remains frightened his reaction is less than what it would have been if he had remained fixated. Thanks for saving me from being dumped!

  • Hi Cesar, just a quick question for you… I have an 8 year old female American bulldog that is aggressive. Not too kids or adults. But she has attacked dogs, killed chickens, birds, cats and even my turtle. We just got a pit bull female pup 8 week old. What’s the best way too introduce them and where ? Please help !
  • Me and my dog that died recently always use to dance to come and get your love by red bone miss having are lil boogy round the house, Since BI recognizes our Constitution then they agree that it and all its amendments are for the people and they agree we have the right to bare arms and use them in acts of tyranny by our own government!
  • Illegal immigrants and immigrants are two different types of mind sets. One is good for the country one is bad for the country. Furthermore, tearing down a border before it is built by making it seem bad is a good way for the UN or whatever “world conglomerate” that controls the media

and the politicians to ease into “world control” by swaying public opinion in favor of an American Union between Canada, US, and Mexico. Much like the EU. That’s what’s going on now, and I’m sorry to say there’s no way out, just keep your eyes opened and stay awake.

Conflating enforcement against illegal immigration with an attack on immigrants. 4 years later and these legacy media companies still don’t get why half the country recognizes they’re full of bs. They’ve not learned a thing, no wonder the polls were screwed again. Just always choose to count your blessings and how you are as a blessing towards others… Stay strong. My cross might be heavier than you but I’m trying to be strong with God at the end of my own cross.

Happiness is when u finally learn to love yourself, how can anyone love you unconditionally when you can’t find it in yourself. Once the foundation is built, then be patient and let life take care of it

Happiness Is A Long Walk With A Putter Poster

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