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Who cares about his taxes .. still talking about the past .. as trump said there were laws in place to help him pay low taxes.. all businesses do the same thing. Should talk about more relevant issues. How very embarrassing for America as a country; laughing stock at world stage!!! Shame on trump who just did not want to follow the rules. How can he be the president of this great country?

  • Maybe if Agent Orange would have shut his mouth and stopped interrupting & talking over Joe he might have been able to finish what he was trying to say !! You better think of Trumps own stability He talks like he is the only one in the world never any good things for the American people He is at the most an egotistical bully and wants everything his way!
  • If any one thought trump could have a debate no Chance all he does is lie and name call he’s not educated enough he acts like a child..if he’s not around those who support him he can’t communicate with those in the real world. If Trump can’t listen in a debate, imagine he will ever listen to others ideas or problems?
  • All T did was name call, lie, talk over people, and behave like a petulant child. He couldn’t point to one thing he actually accomplished. It was all about we are going to… He’s had 4 years. Where the meat. He was full of nothing. What an awful train wreck.

Trump is aBully..he proved it tonight.he bullies everyone and he thinks it’s ok to be aBully.its not ok to be marked as a Bully,it’s very disrespectful. Bullies are COWARDS. Trump listed no policy, no plan for the future, only talked about how great he is and will be. He cares nothing for America. Joe Biden listed ways to help fix this economy and help American families during Covid.

Saying “Biden mumbled” isn’t an excuse to say you don’t support him. If I was being interrupted every single time I spoke I would also have a hard time staying focused when a grown man baby is yelling from across the stage.

Biden has been around the world. dump knows nothing about foreign countries.jhe has been VP for eight years.i think he knows to he hell of a lot more then dump.trump probably know something about Russia, because his boyfriend lives there. Trump certainly embarrassed USA, once again, on the international stage. What a rude, ignorant and seemingly incompetent debater. His comments on climate change, forest fires and white supremacist support boggles any rational thinking mind.


Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla shirt, hoodie, tank top

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