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As long as they make their cushy millions off what’s supposed to be a six figure salary (go figure) who cares about everyone else. Or maybe they are too darned lazy. My guess is that they thought it would take too long, but with all the time they’ve taken since March they could’ve figured it out by now. In the meantime Pelosi and gang are the holdouts.

  • it’s the only way he can get it done, they censor him and twist his words every chance they get. And I know that sounds conspiratorial but I swear I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And the left have the audacity to claim they’re fair and unbiased
  • you’re full of crap. If you pulled your head out you might actually see what this Great President has done for this country. I bet you don’t even like the country. Please feel free to leave it. Unfortunately, that is why he has to take his own crew and put out his unedited story to prove to people like you that he is not a liar!!!
  • Quite a large number of us would disagree with you..we are watching, not protesting, listening to both candidates..Biden needs to be coached by the commentator and we do vote..  The media has been out to get him especially since he won the election. In my 54 years of living, or at least until I could remember back how a President was treated. I have never seen this kind of hostile media. They are like kids. They are throwing fits. Because they don’t get their way.

Patricia M Hm bidens a supporter of human trafficking and a pedophile creep. 47 years and now he says he’s gonna do the things Trump has already done and is still doing. Also Trump is smoking his ass by doing for this country what he already has so take a hike troll. you must be worried or you wouldn’t be being a troll. Scamper along now

if you are suggesting Trump is a dictator, you should look up the definition of “dictator”. No dictator faces impeachment inquiries or hearings you silly Trump hater. Dictators kill off their opposition. Now, wasn’t your comment silly ridiculous?

at least he is a citizen and you are not….Australians have their own problems, like arresting people for voicing their opinions, why don’t you deal with your own countries problems and not stick your nose in ours.

Horse And into the forest i go to lose my mind and find my soul poster

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