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I am very disappointed in you Rick. I will never be pro marijuana! I have seen it’s use destroy too many lives & it’s use is destroying the life of 3 people in my family today!  Damn straight! Why the Republican party isn’t behind this, I’ll never know. The tax revenues, job creation, and an existing infrastructure built around liquor sales.

  • Every time a state votes to legalize marijuana, it seems that the local Republicans do what they can to derail that new law on some technicality–working agressively to over-ride and de-rail the peoples’ will. It’s ironic that Republicans are the ones wearing the stars and stripes on their lapels while they work to depress our vote and subvert our democracy.
  • My vodka/tonic is mind-altering. That is why I drink it; that is why 2 is my limit. I’m going to get with my kids and have them guide me through a session of marijuana. Although, if it is legal, it won’t be near as much fun. Seriously, reading through these comments are refreshing!
  • Way to go Rick. I’m Canadian and since it’s been legal, we haven’t found any real difference here. I’m 62 and don’t smoke it but I do take CBD for my arthritis. I never would have researched it if it wasn’t legal. what is your opinion of Jo Jorgensen and the Libertarian party? The legalization of marijuana and the protection of civil liberties are some of the parties core values.

legalization is great and all, but what are we going to do about all of the people in prison on non violent drug charges? Your legalization efforts are in vain if they don’t include justice for all of the people who’s lives have been ruined by our war on drugs.

Why do pot heads try to diminish the negative effects of dope? “Recreational use”? I have never seen anyone smoke pot and then go exercise. It’s an oxymoron. The best they can do is make it to the sofa with a bag of potato chips. I’ve never tried it, but I’m all for civil liberty, and I resent a government that cannot uphold people’s rights. I also know that except for corruption in high places we would not be having this conversation. Thank you for doing this!

I’d rather be fishing face mask

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