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I call it messing about. It all starts many years ago with back cueing… I don’t have a lot of empathy with the rather high opinion musicians have of themselves, as a matter of fact, I have often made some rather scathing remarks about it, but rightly or wrongly I consider it more important to music making than playing other people’s recorded music and changing the way it sounds by twiddling a few knobs or any other electronic means.
  • I don’t. Do you know if he did? Sorry, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. Having said that, DJs are still one up on me. I couldn’t do what they do. It depends what your definition of a musician is. He is creating unique music. Therefor he is a musician. It’s that easy – at least for me
  • I don’t think he is not playing that theremin. He may be controlling something with it but i cannot see his hand movement correlated with the music. He may well have composed the whole piece but he is only acting along to it here. Bit like old style TOTP. Given that the output of a theremin can be piped into a synth, it could sound like anything but i didn’t see anything correlating.
  • I have two Theramins and I’ve been playing and building synths since 1978 and he is not “playing” the Theramin in the true sense but he is using it as a controller. To see real Theramin player you have to watch the Master Clara Rockmore perform the Swan.
I don’t know if you read the history of why Clara Rockmore played the Theramin. She was a virtuoso concert violinist who developed severe arthritis and could not longer play violin. She found the fretless expression she desired from the violin on the Theramin – another fretless instrument. They are a lot harder to play than it looks. I can barely create a recognizable Twinkle Twinkle little star and I’m a pretty good musician.
Considering the Theremin is over a hundred years old and then there’s this guy..unbelievable..applying himself to bring something from the past into the future..I wish todays young could apply the same concept and start thinking that our future is theirs as well..Just sayin.. technology will never grow old..
Don’t get me wrong i think it was good but to be fair, he only controlled the filter with the theremin… entertaining but not so difficult to learn I think. Footwork on the otherhand was pretty impressive, Do you think his mother made him go to Theremin classes as a kid when he would have rather hung out with his buddies or watch cartoons on Saturday morning?

Owl Kaffee Redet Nicht Kaffee Jammert Nicht Kaffee Macht Einfach Seinen Job Ich Mag Kaffee Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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