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Well done. Always great to see people are still willing to help the creatures harmed by the carelessness of others. Message to those fishing. Please take your rubbish home! Your god does nothing for all the dead children and innocents who die calling for him/her/it. Those blokes did a cracking job with that bird without the need for your fictional shite. Humanism is the true reason that bird lives on. No ‘god’ needed. Simple.

  • wow, aren’t you an ass? You don’t believe, that’s fine, that’s your prerogative. But, wow, you don’t need to be so rude to someone who does. There is a special place in hell for people who hurt animals or kids.
  • Pelicans are tiny in the Northern Hemisphere. Great work. I think you could have given him much needed rest before throwing him up. After struggling for perhaps days, they’re super exhausted.
  • it was a wild bird and would have been extremely distressed if it was restrained. they did the correct thing. it would have found somewhere it felt save to recover, we don’t know that it was stuck for days. What if it has chicks in the nest? And how to do you restrain a large bird with 6 foot wing span safely in a small boat like that for hours?

I hate to see animals/birds getting into trouble because of man’s disregard for other living beings but this type of post does heart good. Seeing good people stepping up and doing their best to save a life and sometimes even at the risk of being hurt themselves. Thank you for sharing!

The number of times you see wonderful people rescuing animals, but these animals are only in trouble because of humans. It makes me so angry at the way we treat the sea, some fishermen are atrocious. They go around plundering it and leaving behind things that are dangerous to animals.

I no longer eat seafood because I am unable to support this industry. Of course there’s lots of regular rubbish too in the sea and on land. I know it’s difficult but people really should face a harsh punishment for littering and it should be policed more so they are likely to get caught. Thank goodness for those lovely caring people saving the pelican

Mermaid Stay Wild Ocean Child Poster

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