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His response to her made him seem normal for 2.5 seconds. Poor tink tink wasn’t loved on as a child, he’ll take it wherever he can because Melanie (spelled incorrectly on purpose) doesn’t seem lovingly to anyone but Baron. All American people with a sound mind should not vote for the biggest liar, a fraud, a cheat, hopeless useless person who has regressed America instead of making America great.

  • But then when she stands in front of the ballot at voting time, she’ll select President Trump’s name. Yeah, but the Trump supporters will say the media twisted Paulettes words when saying she really supports Biden, because they can’t accept the truth about Trump.
  • Trump supporters: the media said she supports Biden, but they meant she supports Trump. you and Paulette and the rest of Biden followers have yalls mind may God help you all. Where are you getting your information? And since you mention God. Is your God ok with having children in cages, 218,000 deaths, people sick, unemployed and hungry?
  • If she is voting for Biden she is voting for Socialism. Not to bright. Better find someone else to admire Sarah.  I live in a universe where I don’t insult people or call them names because I don’t agree with their opinion, maybe you should try to live in that universe too.

Fake news. If you read the article they say the Town Hall meeting on Wednesday night. Ummm it was Thursday night. Idiots!!! This b is the same article run about a month ago. Geez do you think the American people are idiots and really believe you BS.

They played your precious Obama & Biden back in the days! Otherwise we won’t have Trump in office. Wake up!! Trump won’t be in office if the Obiden did a great job. Sweetie- Trump is always 1000 steps ahead of everyone. God bless your heart.

There is a difference between blame and telling the truth. But then again criminals call everyone a lier because they think everyone is like them. It was funny to see how he responded to flattery. He suddenly turned to putty in her hands. How easy this must be for Putin.


Never underestimate an old woman with cats and sewing skills poster

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