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I visited Stow-on-the-Wold in 1976. Stopped in a pub and had a local ale pulled from the “beer engine”. Pure England; what memories. Do you have any of and have you visited Holme on Spaulding Moor? Some of my ancestors came from there on the Mayflower. I have seen pictures but it would be fun to see more.

  • I’ve been RIGHT THERE in that spot! It’s lovely. I even bought a watercolor of the town of Stanton in an art gallery there about 40 yrs ago. This destination is on my wish list. I hope I will be able to go . I’ll be 60 this year( hard to believe) so with all this nonsense going on in the world who knows
  • You’re driving me nuts. I’ve been an international traveler for 61 years who had to cancel three trips this year. Fortunately I live in Oregon, which has wonderful mountains and beaches. If you want to same somewhere historic and different, try a Landmark Trust property. They are a charity that rescues and repairs old buildings, and lets them for holidays. They have a number of properties in the Cotswolds and area (Chipping Campden, Tewkesbury, Minchinhampton, Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Four…. the first looking towards camera, the two younger girls looking at each other and the fourth is lookin at the mirror, The store is a nice walk from my place on the hillside… so I stopped by three or four times before my planned trip to France at the end of March. I saw you, but didn’t want to interrupt. ư

The staff took me through the France book, and highlighted their favorites. Though I had to cancel they trip, it is still planned and rescheduled. Grateful for your knowledge, dedication, and love of Edmonds and the arts!

I’m so thankful I made it in March for my birthday and the chance to visit great friends, even if I had to quarantine for a few weeks before returning to work. At least I have Rick’s video and articles to hold me over until I can go back. Oh, and Rick, I thought of you while hiking above Bacharach on my birthday

Watching Episode Paris: Regal and Intimate and enjoying it. I have traveled to Europe but not as much as I would have liked. I travel vicariously with you! Will look for Season 11 in my local station. Thanks. I am planning a trip to Barbados and want visit at Lucia or Martinique. Any suggestions for inexpensive modes of transportation?

Photography Because Murder Is Wrong Poster

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