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This brought tears to my eyes it’s so wonderful to know that there’s people out there that care so much for animals. They’re just little souls that need lots of love, What amazing people to go out of there way to ensure that these animals have a good future and a kind and caring home. Thank you for all the good that you do.x

  • Mary Naughton everyone should go out of their way to help others . But unfortunately most people are so caught up in themselves and won’t help others unless they are getting something in return
  • This is the most beautiful story. Brought tears to my eyes. Watched it several times. You people are so so special. Showing this much love for animals definitely shows how much love that you have in your hearts! God Bless you! I am so impressed
  • I love what you do!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful video. I wish there were more people like you. I have 13 adopted rescue dogs, most from puppy mills! People always ask, how I do it. I just do. They give so much love. It’s all worth it! I would love to see more updates. Thanks again!

You’re all are remarkable people, the love and dedication you have shows thru the animals that are saved and brought to a place where they will be loved and taken care of. Sleepless nights and being tired is all worth it when we see a video that is so powerful it can change the way others view animals and how they are just as important as we are and deserve to be here !!!. Thank you for all you continue to do

 I recently saw that there is a chemical in cheese from the milk. It’s like an addicting thing to make the baby cows keep suckling to stay healthy. THAT’S why it’s so hard! Even if we splurge for one pizza! that would be great but I live in a gated community to where if you leave your trash can out to long on trash day we could be fined! I hate it!

you have to freeze the tofu (the natural one, without flavors already added) and afterwards, when it’s tawed again, you have to squeeze it really hard (use two small boards or something like that) to free it from any liquid. Now it’s like a sponge and you can cut it to cubes or slices and marinade it in whatever you like. I usually use soysauce (50ml), a little bit oil (2 tablespoons), garlic (1 or two cloves), ginger (about 3-4 cm) – use a grater for both!, a bit fresh orange juice (4 tablespoons), marple syrup (4 tablespoons)..

Piglet Chirstmas All-Over Print Tote Bag

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