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Went to Westminster on my first trip to England in the early nineties. I think my mouth was open the whole time! Went to evensong in 2016 with a friend who isn’t terribly religious but we were both awestruck it was so moving. My last trip was in November but hope to be able to travel soon. Loving your daily posts.

  • Keeping us sane! Our guide arranged for us to attend a private early morning mass, we came in the front and he told us to walk slowly and take in as much as you can because they were not officially open and we were not allowed to stop. That ‘local’ mass was one of the highlights of my trip.
  • Per your suggestions, my husband and I have attended evensong services at a couple of cathedrals in England, including Canterbury. We took my mother and other family with us this last time last summer, and enjoyed a wonderful (free) organ recital that allowed us to enjoy a part of Westminster Abby while resting our feet. Europe’s churches are an amazing treasure, and I completely thank YOU for turning me on to them.

We attended Evensong in York a couple years ago. It was the last service before taking the pipe organ down and renovating that area. The best, most inspiring worship I have experienced in many years. The first time we went to England about 6 years ago we went to Ely a cathedral for Sunday morning service. It was a triple layer goose bump day!

I should always remember that I am fortunate to have traveled as much as I have. I have always made that a priority and quite frankly have used my yearly vacation to help keep my sanity intact, when struggling with a very stressful job. It has been hard of late since our planned trip to Italy and Greece for June was just officially cancelled a couple of weeks ago. I knew it was coming and thought I was prepared but…I can remember this wonderful day in Copenhagen last summer!

The Beagles Dogs – The Beatles Abbey Road shirt, hoodie, tank top

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