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Then you and Brittany Amber back it up instead of talking critically about others…cowgirl up as they say in the rodeo world …Bettty crocker big talkers.. .I was never once referring to your comment….I was referring to Brittany’s self righteous everybody else needs to do something statement

  • Brittany Amber no Brittany I haven’t, my daughter may be familiar with it so I’ll get her to check the internet for the lyrics. Due to my longevityI’m not very proficient on this medium. Why are you so triggered by this? The truth hurts. And why are you making ASSumptions about me, you have no idea what I’m about
  • When did I tell anyone what to do? If you look at the state of of Earth from above, hell, even just above the atmosphere which is now littered with space junk, it’s very clear we have altered this Earth. I’m not blaming anyone, but yes, as a society we should realize what we have done and start making corrections.
  • We have gotten to where we are because of all the advancements we have achieved, and I believe most of it was with very good intentions. But now we need to figure out how and what can we do better. I’m not bashing anyone, but awareness is the first step to solving a problem and it’s very clear we have a problem.

Nothing wrong with admitting and if anything, it’s a step forward to healing. It does worry me though, why this upsets you so much, why don’t you say next time….I and the human race are the problem, …I and the human race have done this to them, …I and the human race are accountable….you see at least now you are saying WE….I guess that’s a step in the right direction…lol…triggered…you crack me up…that’s called redirection

our demeaning comment is a sure sign of a weak argument because you know what I said was true…..everyone in this thread including me have impacted animals negatively in their lifetime…people need to start saying that instead of pointing fingers at others and complaining…

a man was complaining about too many humans on the planet taking away the animals environment, but on his Facebook page he had pics of his wife, and 5 kids, and their umpteen grandkids???….apparently his family wasn’t part of that negative equation…that happens a lot among human bashers….this is alot like that…lol

Cat Pilot That’s What I Do I Fly And I Know Things Poster

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