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humans means ans human. It is not my problem that you fail go see that. Ans again you are trying go boil down a global problem to an individual lvl. How many times Need I to tell you that we are past that step by now? And who is Making broad assumptions here? You are assuming just because someone who critiqued mankind didn’t own bis words nearly noone does.

  • The entire argument of don’t bother complaining if you yourself haven’t managed to solve these issues for yourself Argument boils down to an simple deflect of criticism. As a intelligent ans selfreflective individual you Mist see that this whould lead go no critique at all on our way of live because nobody is perfect. But we need said critique otherwise tue problems stay ignored.
  • By the way, what you suggested I should say is incorrect English. There was no need for me to speak incorrect English because I made the point you wanted me to make by using the correct terms. I think you are completely missing the entire point, it’s obviously going over your head, bless your heart. You have a good night
  • guess he didnt see the sign on window – RESTRICTED and decided to help you and give you companionship while you were working so hard. GOD blessed you with this encounter – to cheer you on. be proud and happy you are working so hard to save their home. thought it was screech owl female but looks to be much bigger now that i look at it. beautiful creature. . . .and you are so lucky to have this experience.

It bothers me not one iota a man’s personal convictions (as long as it doesn’t intrude on my daily chosen lifestyle). Bruce has a rather large platform, and any man in his position of influence, after witnessing the decline and sadness these last 12 months or so, of his beloved country, has every right to speak his mind. I’m sure he’d be disappointed if you didn’t make up your own mind on these matters of huge importance to the American people.

Sit back, put on your fav Bruce Springsteen album, and soak in the brilliance of the tale he’s singing. Take a stand on something, but don’t simply put down a man that has taken his own stand. That’s the easy way out. Amazing music. Great writer. Accomplished guitarist. Horrendous Wanna Be Politician. Shame on you Bruce for deserting your base. You created anthems of hope for working blue collar Americans.. but now they are just meaningless words printed on a commercial album cover. Why would you betray your fans after all these years.

Yes I Am Old But I Saw Bruge Springsteen On Stage Shirt , hoodie, tank top

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