Easily distracted by hunting and dogs poster


Smoke and mirrors. All the wonderful things that Trump says he did, that he had nothing to do with. Easily distracted by hunting and dogs poster More games of distraction. Trump: You are not interested in the job and your personal life is a disaster. Please do us all a favor and get off the stage. RESIGN, it worked for Nixon and it can work for you too. … Putting people to work! Trump 2020 18,000 plus lies told by the welfare king buffoon and tax evader! Four more years for what? To finish fleecing America?

Easily distracted by hunting and dogs poster

Easily distracted by hunting and dogs poster A1

WOW he had to say thank you. A word most rare in his limited vocabulary. Easily distracted by hunting and dogs poster Thank you? Yes, we got to see our frontline workers at their bestwhen do we get to see you at your best? It’s time to move on from the China part of the story. History will probably call it our virus based on how poorly we’ve responded and the number of deaths on our soil. Yes front line workers stood up and courageously did what need to be done. Thank you. Too bad we have a President who refused to do the same.

Easily distracted by hunting and dogs poster

Easily distracted by hunting and dogs poster A2

209,526 Americans DEAD from the Coronavirus.
You might as well get use to it. The democrats will be scratching the bottom of the barrel from now to election day trying to find something they can stir up controversy over. Just pray that God will put stumbling blocks in front of them when they do.
What about your taxes? How much did you pay? Can you prove that youre not a crook? Because it sure looks like you are!

More like groundbreaking expansion in incompetence and nepotism at the Presidential level. The greatest shell gsme ever played will be the name of at least one biography.
Wait a minute, you said there was too much testing a couple of weeks ago. What’s up with that? It almost sounds like you don’t know what you’re doing.
It’s about time! Also won’t erase the months of wasted time or the needless deaths

I can’t hardly wait for this debate and every time Biden says “when I’m elected I’m going to do ” and then Trump says “I’ve already done that!”
This President is amazing! Nobody NOBODY could ever organise or build anything as quickly as this man! 1 year – and an entire factory is revitalised and re-employs many laid off people and produces a new All Electric pickup. It is incredible!
With your lousy 750$ taxes per year you didn’t even pay for the roads you are using… you are the swamp!

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