Jesus faith over fear all-over tote bag



The WHO organization isn’t “essential” ever either. Please leave America.. Herbs is better for us than anything this world ever created including tobacco and alcohol .. “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree… See more. Everything has bad and good side , tell us the good part because I believe they is a reason why my grandmother used to put tobacco in her mouth all his life and she died aged 125yrs.. Just do it! 6 years.. Dear WHO, we don’t need more restrictions of how we live due to your absolutely poor management of your pandemic! It’ s like Mr. Söder who wants to tell us how much alcohol we’re supposed to drink! Anyway we don’t need more problem you can’t solve in … See more Jesus faith over fear all-over tote bag

Jesus faith over fear all-over tote bag

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Jesus faith over fear all-over tote bag · 0:28 Great show by WHO…….. The whole world is eying on WHO…….Now the corona,s end very near.   · 26:01 It’s v sad, today one of my previous company’s colleague passed away because of Covid 19, when will get proper treatment to out of it..   · 21:49 Watching from Kenya. Tobacco is such a hot potato. WHO should go on a charm offensive to highten awareness..   · 0:00 As a matter of fact,I’m sure that it’s very very difficult for ones who enjoy it to quit tobacco in time of covid 19..   · 19:06 Tobacco cultivation should be stopped throughout the whole world.   · 8:13 Which impact does tobacco plays in the body.   · 40:53.   · 26:53.   · 45:05.   · 9:26. I pray for you .   · 0:00 Good evening(WHO). Thank you very much.. Deepa Parthasarathy   · 19:38.   · 18:17.   · 8:06.   · 41:34

Jesus faith over fear all-over tote bag

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Right. Present is very important. Wearing mask, washing hands, keep social distance. These 3-8 month Covid vaccines will make a difference? In what positive way?. But who is dying from convirus19 people at risk not healthy. Let us save human being and the universe ultimately.. Indeed so till the end.. We should must take all the safety precautions.. Sorry meri big problem of Jaisalmer medical and health department please watch and any matters of w h o system and balance please check work in in Jaisalmer w h o thank you Mahinder Sevak in Jaisalmer. Health is most important for everyone. Absolutely right…Thank you so much… World Health Organization. WOW PRECHERS !!! and NOT FOLLOWING what THEY PREACH !!! No distancing!!! No MASKS and TAKING Too much !!!!. pls don’t ask them anything, they will make everyone negative again!! They are responsible for the death of every single human. who lost their life cos of covid, for the world which suffered, there is no trust in this organisation anymore and I won’t b… See more

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