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And That’s How Computers Are Made Shirt, hoodie, tank top

You wingnuts, accept any ridiculous story our government gives you. You are idiots! They can tell you any assinine story, and you’ll believe it!!! You don’t answer any of our questions with any proof.

COMMENT #222 [Permalink]… Robert Lockwood Mills said on 5/17/2006 @ 6:11 am PT…

Until the unanswered questions are addressed, Ricky, I assure you someone will be asking them in November and long afterward. With Bush at 29% in the polls, asking skeptical questions about his conduct will hardly be a political liability. You couldn’t be more wrong about that…I suspect it’s a case of the wish being mother to the thought, if you know what that expression means.

When Bush was around 50%, you were saying the same things about “libs” and “conspiracy nuts.” Since then, another 21% has joined our side. Don’t you feel a bit lonely out there?

COMMENT #223 [Permalink]… JPentz said on 5/17/2006 @ 6:21 am PT…

Ingemar, #219

As a “white” girl, you need to give it a rest. It’s “white” people that are the majority raising hell about 9/11. It was a majority of “white” people that were in DC contesting the vote in OHIO when African Americans were denied and shut out of voting.

WHERE were you? DC? I was.

Don’t sit on your high horse and blame “white” people because there are some of us who have been fighting like hell for equal rights and justice for all.

“WHITE” people actually joined “black” people on the million man march in DC this year.

FYI some people of Caucasian AND African American ancestry actually DO stand together as Americans.

Ingemar, a LOT of us WHITE people, actually went down to the Gulf Coast, volunteered time and money.

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