Cat Fishing because murder is wrong poster

Cat Fishing because murder is wrong poster

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a person who created a fake social media profile of a girl and directed men to return to her home for sex has been jailed for two years, after a court heard it turned into the 2nd time he had waged a harassment campaign of this class against the sufferer.

Stephen Downey (30), from Lissadell, Maryborough Hill, Cork, pleaded guilty to harassing a girl on dates between March and April 2020.

Det-Garda Aonghus Cotter advised Cork Circuit crook courtroom that Downey set up a fictitious social media profile of a lady and directed guys to go to her home for sex. No details were given as to the character and content of the profile.

About 20 men have been directed to head the home of the sufferer. However, simply two individuals called to the condo.

The men, who called to the domestic of the girl in spring 2020, asked to speak to an individual with a special name to the injured celebration.

Det Garda Cotter stated the incident had brought about the lady appreciable trauma as a result of two guys had arrived at her domestic expecting sex.

choose Seán Ó Donnabháin became instructed the man became arrested in June 2020. He completely cooperated with gardaí and admitted his crime.

The court docket changed into instructed Downey has six old convictions. He has three previous convictions for sexual assault in 2008 after he approached random ladies in Cork city and grabbed them on the buttocks and breasts. He got a suspended sentence on this occasion.

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Det Gda Cotter observed that in November 2015, Downey became jailed for six months after pleading guilty to a few counts of harassment.

He harassed a girl by developing a pretend social-media profile and curiously selecting an image of a pornographic mannequin to include alongside the professional photographs because the woman resembled the victim.

Downey had copied the images of the victim from her official social media web page and used them to create one other false web page, in a tradition known as “catfishing”.




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