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The notion that the souls of the dead still lurk around the living has existed since ancient times, and it has brought comfort to many people. They believe that loved ones who have died will always watch over or beside us in times of danger. However, most people believe in ghosts because of their own experience or they have “seen” or perceived some inexplicable existence. Personal experiences are one thing but scientific evidence is another. Part of the difficulty in investigating ghosts is that there is currently no universal definition of ghosts. Many people believe that ghosts are the souls of people who die for some reason “lost” on the way to the afterlife. Meanwhile, others claim that ghosts are telepathic entities involved in the world from our brains. Some even create special classifications for different types of ghosts, such as goblins, haunts, adept souls and the underworld. Of course, it’s all artificial, like speculating on different lineages and dragons. The number of ghosts depends on your wishes.

NEW Horror character quotes poster
Horror character quotes posters

Scientists have pointed out the many contradictions that exist in notions of ghosts. For example, is a ghost tangible or invisible? According to those who believe in ghosts, they can move through any solid object without affecting it or can slam the door or throw objects around the room. Logically and dialectically materialist, things can only be this or that. If ghosts are human souls, why do they appear to be dressed and accompanied by inanimate objects such as hats, sticks and costumes, not to mention numerous reports of ships ghosts, ghost cars and ghost wagons? If ghosts are the souls of dead who have not yet been revenged, why do undesolved murder cases exist when ghosts are said to be able to communicate by spiritual means and thus can identify them? Kill yourself for the police. Just like that, any claim about a ghost raises logical grounds for suspecting it.

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