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You will be very surprised to learn that some people who believe in Jesus say that Jesus is not God. In the Philippines there is a group of people known as the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. It is a large group in the Philippines and they also have a church in Perth. Although they talked about Christ, they also talked about Jesus, but they said that Jesus was not God. And one of the most well-known groups also said that Jesus was not God, that was Jehovah’s Witnesses. Although they believed in one Lord, they believed in Jehovah and created Jesus Christ. And through Jesus Christ, the world was created. So the God they worship is Jehovah, not Jesus.


HOT Jesus Christ I can only imagine poster
Jesus Christ I can only imagine poster2

So we know that although many people know about Jesus, they call themselves Christians, but not everyone believes that Jesus is God. So we need to find out whether Jesus really is God or not? If He is God, how should we answer Him? This is very important in our faith.

In Matthew 16: 13-17, Jesus asked his disciples, “Who is the son of man?”, The disciple answered, “He said that was John the Baptist. ; the one who said Elijah; others say Jeremiah, or some prophet. ” Although many people heard about Jesus at that time, they still did not know who Jesus was. So Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Then Jesus said to him, “Simon, son of Jonah, blessed are you; for not flesh and blood tell you this, but my Father is in heaven. ”

During the days of Jesus on earth, the Jews believed in one Lord, but they did not know that Jesus was God. So when Jesus said that He Himself was God, they thought that Jesus had sinned against God. But when Jesus asked His followers who He was, Peter was moved by the Holy Ghost and made it clear that Jesus was the Messiah. Christ is anointed by God. As the Messiah, Jesus had to come to earth with the flesh, He preached about the gospel of a kingdom, He also had to die on the cross and save people so that they could enter the kingdom of Heaven yes. So in the days on earth, Jesus Christ did many signs, miracles, and miracles. Not only did He make many people aware of God, but He died on the cross. Many people are not sure who Jesus is. Like today. If Jesus was God, why would He become a figure in history? Why is He also just a fleshly body like all of us? What’s even stranger is that He was nailed to a cross? If He was really God, how would He die on the cross? All of these are great mysteries, only those who are enlightened by the Spirit, those who are guided by God can understand them.