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Allison Janney as Bonnie Plunkett: Christy’s self-centered mother, a joyful if cynical recovering addict. She tries to regain the love and trust of her daughter, whom she was unable to properly nurture as a child. Bonnie was given up for adoption at age four and was in the foster care system, being passed around from house to house where she eventually ran off with Alvin at age 15. She ended up pregnant and had Christy at age 17. Alvin abandoned both of them at the hospital on Christmas Eve. Bonnie has said that she almost aborted Christy and wanted to put Christy up for adoption. A pleasant Jewish couple was going to adopt her, yet Bonnie could not go through with the adoption. From that point on, she attempted her best to raise Christy. However, Christy wound up raising herself as Bonnie preferred to party and drink rather than stay home. With time and much therapy, Bonnie managed to find the balance and now wants to catch up, revealing to Christy her past, including who her real father is and how to find him, as well as her past side career as a drug dealer. She suffered a relapse in season 1 after losing her job and apartment and had to move in with Christy, Violet, and Roscoe. After Christy reconnected with her biological father Alvin, Bonnie slowly realized that she still had feelings for him, and the two began to date at the beginning of season 2. This was cut short after Alvin suffered a heart attack and died, leaving his family shocked . After suffering from a back injury, Bonnie became hooked on pain medication prescribed to her, which led to another relapse. In season 3, she met her biological mother, and in season 4 she met her half-brother Ray after their mother died. She currently manages the apartment building where she and Christy live. In season 6, she was diagnosed with ADD and began seeing a therapist to deal with it.

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