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. Being fluent in a foreign language is a skill a majority of employers require and my experience with three years of high school honors Spanish… This essay will discuss four main topics. It will first include my strengths, skills and passions. It will then consider my potential career paths. The third section will deal with my area of sub-disciplines related to my career paths. Finally, it will go into detail relating the steps necessary to prepare myself for my future profession. Overall, this essay pertains to planning my academic and professional career. Baby Yoda hug Dallas Cowboys I possess a multitude of strengths that I consider to be valuable for my future profession. I value the importance of a strong work ethic. Commitment is the key to success in every aspect of life. While employed as a hostess, I was committed to performing my job duties to the best of my ability. I was a faithful, loyal and dedicated employee throughout the end of my junior and entire senior year of high school. Time-management is another trait I pride myself in.

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Baby Yoda hug Dallas Cowboys face mask

Baby Yoda hug Dallas Cowboys face mask

Being a punctual employee is an asset to any employer and I believe arriving on time to work is an essential habit to possess. In addition to the above mentioned strengths, Baby Yoda hug Dallas Cowboys I consider myself capable to demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills in a work environment. As a hostess, I maintained a positive attitude when faced with adversity with fellow co-workers and customers. I handled conflicts with ease and rationalized disruptive situations With Globalization along with outsourcing, my career in life is going to change big time. More and more jobs are being outsourced to other countries every day. Right now America is a mountain compared to other countries meaning that we are more advanced industrially. As more jobs are being outsourced the more the metaphorical mountain is shrinking in height and growing in width. We can slowly add to our mountain by creating new jobs; though this will take a lot of time and change. The playing field is being flattened for America and in turn for me. Looking for a job in finance I’m going to have to work hard to get a good paying job. At the same.

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Baby Yoda hug Dallas Cowboys face mask

At the start of this class my view on globalization and outsourcing was that it is going to affect me negatively. It is true that it affects me, and at times it may be rough, but in the long run things will be better. When I first started going to college my plan was to get my bachelors and be done with school. I didn’t really want to go beyond a bachelor’s degree because school is not my favorite thing. Baby Yoda hug Dallas Cowboys Now I know that if I want to succeed in today’s world, I have to be on a higher level because of all the competition. With this said, I need to get my Masters or I will be left in the dust by my competitors. I’m going to have to move horizontally into a new job that will require specialized training ( Friedman 267). I realize that things will be okay because even though the mountain is shrinking in height, it is still expanding.