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Rashford vs Australia. Nugent Townsend kane rashford maybe wilson against usa. Wilson v USA, Rashford v AUS, Kane v Lithuania, Townsend v Montenegro and Nugent v Andorra. Callum Wilson vs USA. Marcus Rashford vs Australia. Harry Kane vs Lithuania. Andros Townsend vs Montenegro.. Is southgate still giving it mount up the arse tho that’s the question. Tel and Hoddle should both be involved, but the FA always go for a school prefect like Southgate.. Vassel scored against Holland on his debut. Tom Ibbott. Wilson 2018

Grinch six feet people inside

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Two non-penalties with no contact either time! Add to that the senior side had a ridiculous penalty decision given against them last night vs Denmark but also benefitted from a soft decision the other way vs Belgium and you have to wonder what’s happened to the standard of refereeing at this level?. This junior team can put that horrible senior team to the sword!!! Look at their movement, their passing, their adventurous football, their bravery and just everything lovely that you’d want in a team with the name lions…!!!… See More. England Manchester United players are disgrace to the national team. Lucky neither pen affected the result. Terrible decisions.. Neither were penalties, both dives. Well done lads.. Great. But what’s the point as Gareth will just ruin any talent there later on. Well done England.. Showing the overpaid seniors how to do it . Unlike Pickford he watched the ball and saved it, keepers just need to watch the ball, they would save at least 50% more penalties than they are currently with this stupid kin coaching, guess right my arse

Grinch six feet people inside

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Didn’t vardy against Germany?. Nugent v Andorra was a classic goal.. Townsend v montenegro.. Kane v Lithuania.. Rashford v australia and finally last one before Big Dom was Callum bloody Wilson . Adam Clifford
Sterling?. Wilson vs USA, only know that cause I was there . Imagine getting picked for England and turning up like it’s a Sunday game after a night on the lash. Francis jeffers against Australia hasn’t made the cut. David Nugent v Andorra (2007) not 2008, Andros Townsend v Montenegro (2013), Harry Kane v Lithuania (2015), Marcus Rashford v Australia (2016) and Callum Wilson v USA (2018).. Imagine england bringing worst squad and loosing. Kane is Lithuania as I was at Wembley in the box for that match . Isn’t Rickie Lambert Scottish ????. Imagine playing in form players??. What about Coady?. Dave Haslam. Vardy scores on his debut vs Germany ?. I just had a Snickers. It was lovely

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Imagine an England manager picking his best team. Didier Drogba Vs Germany
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Tenor. Pretty sure Ledley King scored on his debut. Against Portugal I think.. Teams on that list I’d score on my debut against . Nugent, Townsend, kane, rashford and wilson. Stop crying Over Grealish no where near our best midfielder so overrated!. Imagine leaving the best player in the team on the bench when a goal down. Kane vs Lithuania. I think andros Townsend scores on his debut too but I may be wrong. But more importantly how good is mason mount – Gareth Southgate . Google is being battered right now. Nobody remembered Nugent so stop trying too hard. Only remembered Wilson and Lambert. Nugent v Andorra. .. yiu will never see a better England goal on debut. Imagine scoring a hat trick in a World Cup Final in only your fourth or fifth game for Engand – The legend that is Geoff Hurst