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In this home we rock an extra chromosome doormat


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Bernadette Ward. Good luck and just enjoy each match. Your fans are right behind you .. Come on Andy ! you’ll manage it . Jan Clark All the best champ, sock it to them! . You are the greatest every UK tennis player there has ever been. It’s very unlikely that anyone will do what you have in a great many years….. but we don’t want you to just fade away. Why not concentrate on doubles or mixed if you aren’t ready to h… See More. He’s lost it watched the match against warwinka, too slow, serve lousy, not as quick as he used to be.. Sandra Scott. Tracy Evans. Beverooni Harris. Best of luck Andy, good to see you back. Cannot wait. Fernando and you have had some great battles in the past. I’m sure it will be same today…good luck.. With you all the way Andy . You know the drill, always to his backhand

In this home we rock an extra chromosome doormat

In this home we rock an extra chromosome doormat size L

Looking forward to watching. Practice you’re first serve & let’s hope Rafa not there x. Anna Ritchie Good luck Andy, you can do this. Thrilled to see you back playing … you’re the best and we’re all in your corner. Stay safe. xx. Get some stamina in that arm and i think you will be amazing again if you stay sharp.. Good luck Andy! I’ve said for sometime now you can get close to where you used to be. It’s about getting matches and building match sharpness. Hopefully the next couple of weeks give you that!. Pauline Webb Looking forward as usual to seeing you play. Believe in yourself and enjoy. Onwards and upwards. . Supported you since you were a boy and can’t wait till you get back to playing the agressive game that you’re capable of , playing the defensive game will not win you matches , channel your inner Lendyl !

In this home we rock an extra chromosome doormat

In this home we rock an extra chromosome doormat size M

Where can we watch it?. Keep at it Andy, take off the pressure you put on yourself. Play for the love of the game and the competition, not for the wins and just maybe they’ll start coming.. Where can I watch this match?. Can someone tell what Andy is playing and what channel. Just watched the resurfacing documentary on amazon prime , fabulous , thanks for sharing your story , new found respect for Andy Murray
my late mother’s favourite player . What time is Andy on and what channel?. Any tv coverage?. Rupinder K Gill. Can’t find it at the moment. Anyone can help?. Where can you watch it please?. Which channels are showing it live please?. Which station is it on?. Were is andy playin today does anyone no wat time matches start. I declare full healing to you Andy and command all swelling and pain to go and your body be restored to full alignment and flexibility in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I declare strength and energy and a champion’s mindset to you in Jesus’ name. G… See More

In this home we rock an extra chromosome doormat size XL

Best of luck will be cheering you on. Let’s go Andy. Here’s to a Murray win. Enjoy each match you play Andy. That is all that matters . Showing 17-30pm Eurosport. I’ll be there watching and cheering for you.. Barbara Everton. Frosa Nicolaou. Please One in the eye for Matts Wilander, Andy.. Good luck for today Andy, keep those positive thoughts right at the front of your mind, you know you can do it!!! … and so do I!! . Nigel Thomson
Couple of very good games and a few excellent shots from Andy but overall it was a very uninspiring performance . Good luck …great to watch you again!! Sometimes with my hands over my eyes ha ha. Tough opponent but keep the head to head in have the advantage..he always brings out the best in your game!!!!. Good luck Andy. Indoor, 3 setter , no probs . All the best Andy!! Rooting for you

Beverooni Harris
Always in your corner Andy. Take care . Louise May. Tracy Seacombe. By the way Andy, you looked fabulous in the AMC kit.. Fabulous. May Murray Swan. AMC = Amazing Margaret Court!. Love the kit Andy . Kazumi Matsushita. Probably a sports direct bag for life with the castore label ironed on . Very elegant.. Linda Russell. Julie Arthur. Sairah Qureshi. Pauline Webb. Manda Burnett. Ian for you to bring back ur purchases from London . Annmarie Headrige. Now there’s an offer everyone can refuse.. Jane Talboys. How can I get that?. What to give to someone that you don’t like for Christmas, . undefined. Shirley Beck. I hope you come back to top form Andy l won’t be horrible to you. Happy Day. Caleb Yandell. Stan was beaten easy in the 3rd round and you were thrashed by him you need to think about retiring or try to play better or coach he can be beaten and you were crap