To My Husband I’m Not Perfect Mug

pure community relations that exist only on earth as observers, and consider what is happening as a human event. strange anthropology, something special and in a certain sense interesting but actually completely pointless. The paradox of science After politics dominated the world and man participated in this crushing power, and after religion also became a power against humanity, it seemed that only science protected people. , facing the world. To My Husband I’m Not Perfect Mug. But after a few hundred years, hope for science died. Science is also as perverted as reality as politics and religion, and people no longer have anywhere else to bow their heads. The dominance of the world European history has two periods: In the first era, blunt morality dominated, people living in vengeance were inspired by its suffering of worldly suffering. The world, being an easy-going whore, who goes on deceiving man, robs, laughs at him in the nose and abandons it, leaves. It was ancient and medieval. In the second period of guilt conscience dominated, because man was submissive, adapted and earthly, he found art and science.

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To My Husband I'm Not Perfect Mug

It is modern times. Now begins the third period. Now there is nothing but earthly. A process of torture, assault, humiliation, coercion, and torment. The funny century is the century of crazy people. Holderlin, Schumann, Gogol Baudelaire, Maupassant, Van Gogh, Nietzsche. Today we can not afford to be crazy. Instead it is homeless. Exiles and refugees in Russia, Serbia, Germany, Romania, France, and Spain. The latest form of homelessness is when people never have a home again in their own country. The state of internal exile. Whoever disobeys, can turn to morality bluntly and can become rebel, especially in revenge.

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