Vintage girl easily distracted by music and wine poster


Vintage girl easily distracted by music and wine poster :“Lilac Wine,” by Jeff Buckley Buckley covered a version of this song by Nina Simone, and the result is a sincere, sad ballad about getting buzzed on “sweet” and “heady” wine. The first lyric, “I lost myself on a cool damp night,” is in retrospect eerily foreboding of his accidental drowning in the Wolf River in Memphis. But on a lighter note…Buckley is singing about a sweet elixir with near-hallucinogenic aphrodisiac, and this wine exists, though it isn’t floral like lilacs. The pairing: Robert Mondavi Sauvignon Blanc Botrytis ($40). This is a botrytis wine, meaning that mold growing on the grapes—known to oenophiles as “noble rot”—contributed to its intriguing flavors. Sip the luscious honeyed nectar that will produce the metaphorical “unsteady” drunken affects of love—surely Buckley-approved. Find the wine..Vintage girl easily distracted by music and wine poster : “That’s Amore,” by Dean MartinPerhaps the world’s most notorious fake drunk, “Drunky Dino” was so talented at his act that we’ve all been convinced he drank himself to death. Not the case—the whiskey in his glass was more often a stiff pour of old-fashioned apple juice. But here, we’re talking amoré, which is the state we find ourselves in “when the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine.” Well said. The pairing: In the spirit of a rat-pack–induced night of drinking and punning on Martin’s last name, at the start of this song pour yourself a glass of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider ($4), then finish strong with a good Italian, red sauce–friendly Sangiovese-based wine, like the 2009 Fontodi Chianti Classico ($28.99). I imagine that Dino would have had a sip and then told you some jokes Joe E. Lewis wrote for him. Find the wine. Vintage girl easily distracted by music and wine poster :“ “Boogie Street,” by Leonard CohenBoogie Street” is the American spelling of Singapore’s infamous Bugis Street, a place of late-night, sexually charged activity. Cohen’s song, from the 2001 album Ten New Songs, is not really about the sexual infidelities associated with Boogie Street, but rather an investigation of the metaphorical place between “work and desire” (so he says). Cohen’s aged voice, deep and melancholy, intones, “A sip of wine, a cigarette, and then it’s time to go.” Beautifully poetic, but also rather dark, wouldn\’t you say? The pairing: The Smoking Loon ($12) from Don Sebastiani & Sons. Cigarette smoke blunts the taste buds and hence the wine, so if you must drink and smoke, look for a smoky wine like this one, which picks up toasty vanilla aromas  from aging in oak. Find the wine.Vintage girl easily distracted by music and wine poster :    “World Love,” by the Magnetic FieldsStephin Merritt’s witty lyrical talents know no bounds, and in this song from the 69 Love Songs, the line, “love, music, wine and revolution” is his solution to feeling low and being stuck in some transitional place between death and rebirth. Heavy stuff, but coming from Merritt, probably not so heavy. So, strike up an in-home revolution and declare war on your sobriety, armed with a corkscrew and a glass. The pairing: Revolution Zinfandel from Amador County ($26). You need a wine that will inspire, intoxicate, and possibly result in world peace. This is that wine. It\’s loaded with ripe strawberry and chocolate, and it\’s got a name that will have you toasting to the defeat of your enemy. Find the wine.