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Weed high maintenance shirt

HBO’s “High Maintenance” returns for its third season on Jan. 20, 2019, at 10:30 p.m. Unlike most marijuana-focused television shows, the cable series has gained critical acclaim for being a weed show that is actually good. Weedmaps News staff writer Andy Andersen writes about how “High Maintenance” successfully provides glimpses into the personal act of smoking weed to paint a portrait of the modern era of marijuana.A Muslim college student, Eesha, escapes to the roof of a Brooklyn Weed high maintenance shirt apartment building to light a bowl of weed. Her eyes light up with each long, savory hit from her pipe. A flock of birds float over a cathedral as she blissfully paints her toenails to pass the time in private. She’s away from her religion, her parents, her studies — it’s an exciting new chapter in a young person’s life that a less-stoned person might take for granted.

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