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Write some letter make a word some words make a sentence poster : When he arrived in Dang Trong, he went to Thanh Chiem and learned Vietnamese. And the Vietnamese teacher for Dac Lo is Francesco de Pina. Dac Lo is arranged to share a house with Pina.In the title of the Vietnamese – Bo – La Dictionary, Dac Lo said “he studied Vietnamese as hard as he did when he studied the theology in Rome. As a result, after four months he was confessed and another six months. you can teach in Vietnamese “.He also studied Vietnamese with a 13-year-old Vietnamese child. Thanks to that, in three weeks he was able to distinguish between the Vietnamese “sounds” and the pronunciation of each one. This child was then baptized by Dac Lo (the initiation of Christianity) and named Raphael Rhodes, and then became a “preacher” (a second-level monk in the order).He joined a mission in Laos and Dang Ngoai but then stopped practicing, got married and became a wealthy businessman in Dang Ngoai and Pho Hien.It is also important to know that Dac Lo is a teacher with a gift of languages ​​and many languages. He can write and speak French, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and uses some basic Japanese, Chinese, Persian, and Kokani.. Write some letter make a word some words make a sentence poster : During his visits to Dang Trong and Dang Ngoai, he gained more knowledge about Vietnamese and the Latinization method of Vietnamese, especially the accent mark, and compared words that were written by Pina and other clergy. Latinized like Barbosa, Gaspar …One of Dac Lo\’s active helpers is recognized as teacher Y Nha (Vietnamese), a person who is fluent in literature and philosophy, used to be a mandarin before joining the ranks of teachers.To understand Dac Lo\’s national literacy level, let us read the Portuguese manuscript “The situation of the mission in Dang Ngoai from 1636-1646” by Dac Lo, which is stored in the Jesuit archives in La. Code.Although written in Portuguese, the manuscript has many national languages ​​such as Ainam (Hai Nam), Che ce (Ke Cho), lord õu (Lord Ong), Uuan (king), bat minh (ignorance), thuam (pros). ), gna ti (ti house), cai huyen (cai district), bua (king), den (temple), ten si (doctor) ….Write some letter make a word some words make a sentence poster : Meanwhile, since 1626, cleric Gaspar has written Ben Da (Ben Da commune), bude (bodhi), ondedóc (the governor), onghe (he is), squat, and bude (especially No, not first) … Or cleric Francesco Buzumi wrote in 1626: shitty (god), thien chu (god, god), ngoac huan (emerald) …These comparisons show that other missionaries in Latinization of Vietnamese were 10 years ahead of Dac Lo, and Pina must have gone further even though he died prematurely.In order to have the Vietnamese – Portuguese – Roman Dictionary printed in 1651 in Rome, in addition to great efforts in study and research, Dac Lo also had to rely on the documents of his predecessors. Two documents which have long been confirmed are the two dictionaries of Vietnamese – Portuguese and Portuguese – Vietnamese by two clergy Gaspar d’Amaral and Antonio Barbosa (who have finished writing but have not published before they have Write some letter make a word some words make a sentence poster :