Climbing Knowledge Poster


Climbing Knowledge Poster

Conclusion: the sun will rise tomorrow. Prerequisite: All observations so far show boiling water at 1000C. Conclusion: water will boil when heated to 1000C. Antecedent: I see every swan up to now. Climbing Knowledge Poster. Conclusion: all swans are white. We see, inductive reasoning is not “sure” and has many difficulties: In example 3, the premise may be true, but the conclusion is wrong, because in Australia, most swans are black! In other words, inductive reasoning cannot have premise on which its truth can guarantee the truth of conclusion. Realizing that, David Hume posed a conundrum: if inductive reasoning is not “sure” or scientifically speaking: there is no interpretation validity, how can we be sure that they will be right Future?

Climbing Knowledge Poster

Is there any guarantee that tomorrow the sun will rise, or will the water boil at 1000C? Rejecting our mistakes is the “positive” experience we learn from reality – Karl Popper. There are three arguments to try to salvage inductive reasoning.

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