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occur as a result of ozone depletion ref.121,151 and references therein, far less is known about responses of plants to rapid fluctuations under solar UV radiation. Myopia short-sightedness affects over 80% of young adults in many East and Southeast Asian countries. In other countries there has been a rapid increase in the prevalence of the condition, with around half of young adults in the USA and Europe now affected.92 Several studies have found that children who spend more time outdoors have a lower risk of developing myopia. In research recently reported, two large trials in China involving primary school children aged 6–11 years showed that interventions over 1– years to increase the time spent outdoors while at school were associated with a significant reduction in the incidence of myopia.9,94 It is not yet clear what element of “time outdoors” provides the protective effect. Several studies show an increased risk of myopia in association with vitamin D deficiency.95,96 Alternatively, exposure to UV radiation or the shorter wavelengths of visible light may protect against the development of myopia by slowing the axial growth of the eye.97 Childhood exposure may be particularly important for both the risks and benefits; health messages should encourage children to have regular time outdoors, but also protect the eyes from high levels of UV radiation using hats, shade and sunglasses. Teenagers are particularly resistant to messages to protect their skin against the sun. Qualitative research suggests that the desire for a tan outweighs concerns about future risks of photoageing and skin cancer.71 In Hungary, 74% of 12–19 year olds had experienced at least one serious sunburn, 5% purposely sunbathed daily, and 10% did not use any form of sun protection.72 In Ireland, which has the highest incidence of CMM in Europe, nearly 50% of a sample of Cork university students reported deliberate tanning in the previous summer.7 Parents use sun protection measures more commonly for their children than for themselves.74 A systematic review of the evidence showed that a high proportion of people diagnosed with CMM reported subsequent sunbathing up to two-thirds at least once since diagnosis, sunburns 60% at least once in a -year period and indoor tanning and did not practice skin self-examination.75 In children of CMM survivors, 28% had been sunburnt at least once in the previous 6 months.76 Sun exposure in childhood may be particularly important to later life risk of CMM and BCC. Health gains through decreasing incidence of these cancers in younger age groups that are currently being seen in many countries see section are likely to be reversed without continued investment in sun protection programs targeting sun exposure in childhood, adolescence, and high-risk groups. Nevertheless, a study showed that the role of Mount Erebus volcano in the Antarctic ozone depletion was probably underestimated. Based on the NCEPNCAR reanalysis

[Hot swagteeshirt]  the pittsburgh penguins nhl full printing flip flops
the pittsburgh penguins nhl full printing flip flops

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