Standards Company (based on customary consumption and used for food labelling) ( FSA, 2002 ). Our most important study hypothesis was that the number of portions of single unit foods and that of meals and drinks can be estimated nearer to the reference variety of parts than the portion size of multi-unit meals and of snacks. However, when the meals consists of a number of models, whether of the same repeated items or of varied gadgets (referred as multi-unit” meals in both cases), its whole portion measurement may be tough to estimate, especially if the various items are different in nature ( Wansink & Van Ittersum, 2007 ). It is thought that when absolute dimension of food will increase, sensitivity to size is reduced ( Chandon & Ordabayeva, 2009; Chandon & Wansink, 2002 ), especially when changes occur within the three dimensions ( Krishna, 2007 ) as happens with increasing unit quantity.
When examine participants were asked to check the portion measurement of varied sandwiches (introduced as a single unit) to the same old portion of the same food, they rated the parts of the bigger sandwiches as bigger than their common portion of sandwich ( Rolls, Roe, Meengs, et al., 2004 ). Nevertheless this cognitive notion of a quantity distinction relative to a normal quantity was not adequate to manage consumption of the bigger sandwiches, and the extra that was presented the extra food was consumed. Earlier research into portion dimension estimation have centered on single unit meals which tend to be overconsumed, something

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