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One of our members had inspired the Committee on the Rights of the Child to carry a Day of General Discussion on the position of parents and families in the realisation of children’s rights with the target of clarifying how states can finest support parents and households in all their forms to be able to ensure a wholesome and nurturing household setting for youngsters however this wasn’t yet followed up by the Committee. But we are still exploring and working on this idea to assist advance a optimistic discourse that counters anti-rights assaults. We keep listening to that kids shouldn’t be uncovered to risk by being known as ‘defenders’ because it’s a sensitive terminology and we keep explaining that of course this must be taken under consideration for specific contexts however it’s not an excuse for overlooking children’s civil and political rights. So we must be sure we are taking criticisms in the right method and addressing them appropriately. They create lots of concern and uncertainty amongst families. Research has demonstrated that the important thing supporters of these movements are conservative Catholics and conservative Protestants however there may be additionally a lot of support from Russia and from Belarus and Ukraine and in addition partly from the USA. Funding is coming from these countries to support anti-child rights movements. As a results of these actions not only has improvement in child rights insurance policies been stopped but assist and help to essentially the most vulnerable youngsters is being threatened. As a part of our thematic report we are interviewing civil society activists leaders and experts about their expertise of going through backlash by anti-rights teams and how they’re responding. CIVICUS speaks to Ilaria Paolazzi of Child Rights Connect and Mieke Schuurman of Eurochild about baby rights and attacks by anti-rights teams. The adoption of civic innovations within the public sector requires a system for regulation maintenance and accountability. It is imperative that the government civil society and personal sector organisations come collectively to type a collaborative ecosystem to amplify our collective influence.

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