Back the blue Sunflower Thin Blue Line phone case


Back the blue Sunflower Thin Blue Line phone case

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I’m sad for you then. Many many of my black friends knew they could count on cops with assurance. I myself as a retired cop & did my time, was raised to never judge skin color. My dad said everyone is purple. I took that through my entire life & it served me well even in the racial riots in high school. I walked through the halls where ranting, raving & fighting was going on. I’m sure because I treated everyone with respect is why.
That said I wasn’t raised in white privilege. We had concrete floors, no doors on bedrooms, cabinets etc, so I take offense to anyone saying I had white privilege and really hate being lumped into a group, probably the same as you and thousands of others. But not all LEO’s are bad. And the good ones don’t like bad ones. i respect that response I’ve got nothing bad to say to you like i did others thank you for respecting the uniform I’m sorry you had to see me come out of character much respect.






























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