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The country is in a shambles. Any more of this winning and we will never be able to recover. Do you think Trump saved us from a prosperous, growing economy to the worst in history. Are you a big Putin can like Trump?

  • I know. It amazes me. They hate trump but are on the pages to be able to comment on our posts. Must be closet lovers of trump. Who knows. All I know is there gonna be screaming and crying all over again come November. Wahhhh wahhhh wahhhhh
  • I will say only this the Democrats caused it and everyone knows that even the people that are going to vote Democrat they know the Democrats caused it and it is what it is Come on just because Trump was good friends with Epstein back in the 90’s, just because he wondered whether his 1 year old daughter would ‘have a nice rack ‘ in years to coke, just because he has been interviewed directly sexual innuendo towards his daughter Ivanka doesn’t make him a paedo.
  • Donald is gonna lose in a landslide. most of you all wont wear masks or social distance and are dying from the trump virus. The lifelong Republicans are fed up with Trumpism and are voting for Biden. Step out of the OANN, FOX bubble and see reality.
Michael Wilson millions affected by liberal screaming panic from the covid19 and are tired of it. Millions are affected by the “resistance” by democrats and are FED up with it. I am being nice to you to suggest you to wake up. I cannot explain it plainly enough to you everyone is
pointing to democrats as the guilty party for trying to bring down the economy. You will never see it.
The excitement to vote out all democrats in Congress is amazing. If I were you, I would go home and be quiet for a while, and really think why are the liberals, Hollywood, BLM, me.too, MSM and democrats are so heartily despised all through the US.
Teresa get out there without a mask. Go to large gatherings, get back to work without social distancing. Less votes for Trump when you get the virus. Rip You are a typical liberal wishing for ill will to people. No wonder the people are fed up with liberals and democrats. Too bad for you President Trump will be re-elected and Congress will very likely be conservative. You and your kind are the best advertisement for the people to vote RED all the way on the ballot on November 3rd. You better stock up on Kleenex, THC and Valium.

Country Roads Take Me Home To The Place I Belong Poster