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Little black dots floating whichever way I turned my eyes. Since young age. Now, just before 65 years of age, I had lens replacement due to cataract problem. No more black floating dots. But my daughter thought I had turned nocturnal animal one night when the light caught my eyes in a certain way

  • I’ve had it since I can even remember. As a child I used to tell my parents and they would take me to specialists and no one ever knew what it was. I had many tests and everything came back normal. This is the first time I have ever known it was an actual disease and put a name to it! Mine are there all the time but during the day it doesn’t bother me much because there is light but at night time I have a hard time seeing when it’s completely dark. It’s like silver static on a tv, that’s the way I always described it.
  • I have this since 5 years old till now but the more older i have no migraine and I have no problem with anxiety maybe stress but i guess everyone has stress no?? I do meditation healings n it’s for myself.I have it too plus every night when I close my eyes i see flickering light like a lightening on the inside part of my eyelids and sometimes is hard to fall asleep. Been to the doc my eyesight is perfect.
  • I have that type of vision and ringing ears for 11 years old. But never was something thought others me. I though was normal. (Not the tinnitus, of course!) I reckon it’s linked to the autonomic nervous system and degree of calm and balance. Breathe in breathe out …..repeat and enjoy
When I first have this and saw an eye doctor she told me I probably had glaucoma. Went to another eye specialist and the third one, my eyes are normal. My eyes are still normal. Occasionally there will be some white moving blob below my vision.
I saw red dots sometimes white flash in the dark or when i close my eyes since i was small. I thought it’s normal. Now i have the answer. Thank you, I think i have it, and i use irlen filters glasses for about 3 years, will try another technology soon, from Portugal something related to optical prismatic glasses.
I find I get what I call star trek vision, often feel nausea and dizzy or lightheaded with it I also get shrinking/zooming out vision when walking or running to the point of exhaustion. I also have tinitus and have poor night vision, retail images like spiders on the retina at night so often have to look at a strong light or think of a character like Mickey mouse. Tests are all normal.

Eye Chart Visual Acuity Test face mask

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