I’d rather be fishing face mask


I’d rather be fishing face mask

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This beautiful save made me cry because of all the sea creatures who die due to humans not giving a crap , and made me smile because of those who do

  • I pure have chills on a hot summer night looking at this. I wish whomever had the net could get rolled up in it and thrown in, maybe a lesson would be learned!!!!
    I am SO HAPPY that you people were persistent in getting the net off and am impressed by your bravery and teamwork. Thank you for saving the whale!!!
  • We need to see more encouraging story like that, not only bad stuff. Still good people on this earth ! Thanks to those people!
  • Do you not think nets and lines should have the name of the trawlers interwoven into them, would be easier to identify any company that ditches them in the oceans causing harm to sea life, just a thought.
  •  I hope people see this and realize that eating ocean animals is the sole reason why she was trapped. If you don’t buy fish products, there are no fisherman out on our seas throwing their garage overboard to kill more animals. Please stop eating animals.

I’m glad that well is ready to go where she wants to come down or dying from the net she’s free she’s free to his question is free I’m glad Jesus creature is free

I would have jumped in right from the get go, slowly approach with soft tones and risked my life to save that whale form our stupidity and lack of empathy. I feel this took to long for people that really care. I never had the mental capacity to get into something like this but if I randomly came across an animal like this in the wild I wouldn’t hesitate. But that’s just me. Animals this big are less threatened when we are in their domain. Glad they saved the whale!

When not content with causing starvation, leave some net behind so animals can die that way instead.
Then rescue the whale, cheer and carry on with no change and no lesson learned!!!!!!

I’d rather be fishing face mask

I’d rather be fishing face mask