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He is working his words, this is what informed the daring attacks on the governor. So far the governor never derail from his obligations and track of his responsibility, and he never rested . I salute his courage and I pray God to guard and guide him to end his mission by making Borno a safer place.

  • Why this excellent governor. This northern people are enemies of Nigeria and the north in particular. Congratulations to three governor. And those who lost their lives RIP. Chikwado jojo emmanuel wheather i say am teror or not it there in your mind that any body from north you are considering him as either almajiri or terorist including our president self. Then why are wasting your time asking me? Just involve me into any group you wish.
  • Danie ok my opinion be it useful or useless i knw it is useful cuz no one can change me. And today most of your people are insulting notherners with our cows thank God this cows and ground its the thing of proud nt only notherners including you with big mouth. God is watching you keep on calling innocent people as terorist
  • My thoughts and prayers are with you, your Excellency May Allah continue to protect you against ur enemies for those that lost their lives may their gentle soul continue to rest in peace

There is no enemy here, killing is you peoples hubby. U guys brought Buhari, chased away GEJ that has good intentions for all Nigerians, now see your lives, from Borno to Katsina, to Zamfara to Kaduna to Yobe to Adamawa, where is safe now in the north with your messiah Buhari & Brutai

fool did you know the number of people killed on daily bases during that tenure. He have good things for Nigeria yet for six years what was his achievement? He abandoned yaraduas’ 7points agendas which would have solve many problems we’re facing today and you’re here altering rubbish? Where are you when his chief security adviser accused PDP of been behind boko haram

That’s what you people thought during GEJ. You went as far as telling the world that GEJ was killing you boko boys, that he should leave them alone. You called Gen. Ihejitika all sort of names, fought him until he was removed, now with Buratai, why complaining killings again. Are you the only tribe in Nigeria to be disturbing everyone with your killings. We are leaving you guys behind yo be killing yourselves while Nigeria will move on courtesy of Bubu

Trucker Convoy It’s not just my job It’s my life poster

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