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He said very plainly he did not meet these people in person. He saw their resumes. This this is how you democrats do this he says one thing and then you take it and twist it around and make it sound like he said something else. He plainly said he saw their resumes he never personally met them.

  • Over the years president trump I’m sure has met thousands of people. Un less you interact with someone on a personal level and not just one time you are not going to remember their names after years. If anyone on here says they can do that they’re liars.
  • It’s also amazing the number of people it’s proved that he denies he ever knew or that he barely knew when they are in trouble, when in fact it is proved he does know them! He was trained by his dad and Roy Cohn, his lawyer, to never admit to anything. He can’t even apologize to people. His actions speak louder than your defense if him.
  • Eggert SnorriSometimes I get very angry because I see people following the evil. I might not sound like a Christian sometimes and I might not talk like a Christian sometimes but I am a Christian. I love God with all my heart and soul and I have a very personal relationship with my Lord and savior. He has to reprimand me sometimes because I hate to see people following satan.

 I know what the Democratic Party is they are led by evil. The Democratic Party did not used to be the way it is now you can just feel the evil and their actions show it .I go by actions not what they say but their actions. The Democrats are the ones who took prayer out of the schools, they have taken One nation under God out of the pledge of allegiance, they have taken so help me God out of the oath I’ve seen it with my own eyes I have heard it with my own ears in videos.

They condone abortion the greatest atrocity ever Committed against God Almighty. President trump is against abortion. President trump wants to put prayer back in the schools. The democrats want to keep the churches closed president trump wants to open them. The democrats want to turn this country into a socialist country which will lead to communism.

Jim Jones Drink Up shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt

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