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it should be the ones wearing the maskS as they have shown how stupid and gullible they are to believe a paper or home made rag will stop a virus the size 20nmm, Where are all the extra bodies from Covid deaths? Same approximate number of deaths over the same time frame as the previous 2 years. You’ve been had!

  • They will have to dig a lot of graves considering the fact that 60% of the supposed covid fatalities are not even covid deaths just people that died from anything else but the hospital just ruled them out as covid patience
  •  A mask that people touch all the time is saving no one. Get your health care system in shape , stop stealing people’s land and farms, clean your air etc etc, Well RT, looks like your audience are normal well informed people. Cocked up with this piece of crap click bait journalism. That guy isactually burying his mask I’ll wager…..want to throw yours in too.
  • Theres no way to tell if the anti maskers had anything to do with the deaths. Government prolly put covid patients in nursing homes like our beloved dems here and are blaming it all on these guys. Also much like the dems here.
The USA is not the only country in the world. There are other countries with their own sets of law. So open up your mind and not everything is about self rights. While in Malaysia it is under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act. Those flouting the law could either be fined RM1,000 or put in jail. So that you know
 well that’s when my body has been slashed open in the operating room any germs can go straight into my blood stream! Had the virus entered my mouth or nasal area our body has a way of flushing them out!! Obviously when an operation is happening then a surgical mask is necessary…that’s why it’s called a surgical mask!
well yes as this is not law, its legislation. We pay road tax. We dont need to be governed…We certainly dont need to lose anymore freedoms because you are fearful!! let’s hope they dont bring a any legislation that says if you have been in the country for so long you can not return home. You are allowing/listening to what ever the goverment decides. I pray for you nothing is done to stop you coming back to your home land!!

Lessons Hamilton Taught Me Poster

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