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These kids are to be commended for doing their part to prevent Coronavirus from spreading . This is a spring we all will remember. ery upsetting and very hard to swallow. Kids working so hard only to be disappointed. Necessary, but sad. But, what a great picture. Scoot over, Amos. I’m ready to bury my head, too. Insanity everywhere . All school and other sports cancelled for six weeks. Glad it’s not my sons senior year! However, I will say that a lot of the kids are really happy that they’re getting out of school for six weeks, even at the cost of their school sport. That’s too bad. how are they just escaping school? Are the schools not going to digital learning? Even our elementary would get that if we have to close? our district is not able to do digital learning because of our demographics—federal way. They are mailing lesson packets but I don’t think it will be mandatory. Fw has a lot of kids with broken homes…..and no parents paying attention to there kids success in school.

We feel their pain. We understand it. And all we can do is love them, as we don’t really know what to say. It’s tough for our high school seniors as well, last season, last rite of passage. My son is sad. Yesterday we got I our first and maybe last baseball game of 7th grade. My senior son is going to likely miss the rest of his senior year. He is devastated not to be playing lacrosse in his final season. Six weeks cancelled here in Seattle. He lay on my bed sobbing last night. It’s so hard. Agreed. My girl isn’t going to know what to do with herself. Athletics keep her grounded and focused. Guess I’ll have to run her around the house a couple hundred times a day.

Read someone say we need to make sure not to criticize folks who comment how disappointed they are at (fill in the blank) being cancelled. Folks can be fully aware of the crisis and be disappointed at the same time. ut I will be at Walmart ringing up everything everybody needs regardless of germs or this disease ! What’s your take on this my kids do Competition cheer and dance I’m cx myself, not going , but I was just told by dance instructor they don’t follow public school closing WTH.
































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