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This setlist was really fucking good though, yes not a lot of deep cuts, but a lot of aggressive songs. Stockholm got something like four ballads and Horsemen lost vote of the day. The Metallica by Request shows were awesome! I wish I could have went but at least I can listen to them again  Metallica forever every song has a story also for me. i accompany you 25 years. Stay healthy. Sonja Rock on i see you. Kirk crazy solo Riffs Master I love it. James voice Rock on the best of the world for me. Sonja first Guitar Rock on yeah. I want to learn to play the guitar. Thank you Guys.

By request tour was fun, but only a few countries took advantage of it by mixing things up . This was one of them Ohh I can’t wait to hear the first drafts of Lords Of Summer. I absolutely love the final one but the garage version will always hold a special place in my heart. Rock on  How about making a new album??? 1 new album every 10 years is a shame. Yes your old songs are great but come on man!!!!! Unfortunately the set lists ended up being the same as always. People just want a greatest hits when most of those are over played and it would have beengreat to get some of the lesser played songs.



































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