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My boy has some American Coon hound in him. His ears are reasonably large. He had a yeast infection in one when he was younger. Now if his ears need a clean he will come and put his head in my lap.

  • I put a puff plus or Kleenex with lotion on my index finger and jiggle it around then squirt with natural ear cleaner for dogs massage then let him run and shake.
  • Yes you should my Angel feels bad its her ears 258.00 later she has been limping on her front paw and her hips hurt she can’t even jump on the couch. Back to the vet.
  •  Yes a lot of people don’t clean your dog’s ears dogs get ear mites and you get wax buildup in there too I seen a lot of dogs with a lot of wax in their ears and it looks like it is nasty cuz people don’t clean dog’s ears like they’re supposed to just like you supposed to brush their teeth they got dog toothpaste out here for dogs and cats
  • Dog s ear channel is at an 90° angle, not like human s, you cant damage the eardrum. So put some wadding on a surgeon scissor(clamp) and roll it so you can have wadding on it like the phosphor on matches (so to say), and push until the end of the auricular channel then rotate and pull out the dirt.

My dog loves his ears cleaned but he will not let me clip his nail he will let the groomer but not me and right now I can’t pay for a groomer due to my husband with cancer and no income in a year my groomer has came over and did them for me but I dont like to ask people for anything right now with everything going on I need help

Our Tonka would sit completely still letting our cats stick their sandpaper tongues in her ear and clean them out. I would try to go at her with a piece of cotton or gauze and she’d act like I was trying to skin her alive

My dog ​​gets ear drops in his ear every week my dog ​​makes earwax very quickly, which causes him to get ear infections so my dog ​​gets ear drops against too much wax and against the itching in his ear. And against ear infections of course

Really Ties The Ears Together Face Mask

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