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There are disgraceful people about and unfortunately we can never tell by the outer appearance or we would not assist or associate with them. I’m so sorry for your misfortune of having this treatment. My heart aches for you and anyone being treated in this despicable way. Sending hugs and don’t let anyone change the man you are – even when you are angry. You are loved by many and Jesus loves you dearly.

  • Young man you are an inspiration. I am sooooo sorry that anyone of any color would be so cruel and unkind. There is no room for disrespect. Sorry you had to go thru that. believe me, not all people feel that way. We appreciate all you do for us. Fed Ex keep protecting your people.
  • I’m so sad and so sorry this happened to you That person’s behavior is despicable, and you can’t give up we have to keep believing that there’s more good people than there are bad people in the world. And continue to be the good person
  • I agree we have forgotten about how Gods words say we should love one another as he loves us.we are supposed to treat others as we want to be treated.all this hatred us not going to get any if us anywhere.we are just showing the next generation a terrible way to live

Brakes my heart. Look at the heart in this young mans face. This is so wrong to hear. You can tell his feelings go so deep. Wish I could take away the pain of what was done. I am so sorry this happened to you. This should never happen to anyone. Please keep your head up and go on believing in yourself.

I am so sorry for what that ignorant person did to you I wish I could give you a big hug I am a welsh lady and I have three sons and they would not do that to anyone it was the way me and my husband brought them up if they wanted respect they respect everyone else they are married now with a family of they’re own I’m so sorry for what happened to you take care

I just dont understand how any human being can be so cruel and hurtful to another human being. My heart aches for this man and all other decent human beings being treated in this despicable way. There is never an excuse for this.


Six Feet People Grinch face mask

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