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I live in PA. While there is surely room for debate about what restrictions are or are not appropriate, anyone comparing our current state of affairs to Chinese Communism is bonkers. I’m about to go meet someone to pick up something I bought online, from there I’m headed to Home Depot to pick up a chain for my saw. While there, I will probably grab some craft beer from the truck at the farmer’s market in the parking lot.

  • the inconsistencies in the numbers reported by “pandemic experts” tells me this whole shit storm is a farce of biblical proportions and that the American people, as a whole, are perfectly qualified to determine their own destiny. A destiny not held hostage by a very, very small percentage of knuckleheads who all seem to have irons in the outcome fire and present conflicting notions on how we should fulfill that destiny.
  • Statistics on the total numbers of overall deaths in America haven’t fluctuated much year by year over the last few. How about we wait till January 1 and compare the total number of all deaths from 2020 with those of the last few years. A simple math equation a third grader should be able to comprehend really ought to resolve the issue.
  • nope, nor are you apparently an expert on pandemic experts. Which ones should we listen too, the one’s who initially used computer models to predict millions dead, or the ones most recently who said in fact 10 times more have died “with” rather than “from”, stating the measures taken prevented treatments that would have saved many from underlying conditions?

Or perhaps the hundreds upon hundreds of front line doctors who state many thousand more will die collaterally from the draconian measures mandated than the virus itself? If you’re scared, by all means stay home, as for me, I’ve been an “essential worker” from day one and have been in contact on a variety of occasions with people who tested positive.

I even flew 5 hours on two flights with over a hundred and fifty souls packed butt to nut in a tin can rebreathing each other’s air. If one had it, we all have it. I haven’t seen my mom in 6 months, she’s in a rest home dying, not of a virus, but from loneliness. So kindly take your pathetic whimpering down the hall.

Music These are difficult times 13 8 5 4 face mask

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